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4-5M, 2-3F

During Tech Week of a new play written by their teacher, a love triangle blooms between seniors Mandy Carter, Mitch Nelson & Dave Miller. When Mitch tells a lie, it gets way out of hand and dangerous. This leads to themes of loneliness, friendship, secrets and, ultimately, love. Through the lies, people reveal who they really are and the truth isn't always pretty.

Performed at the Hudson Guild Theater at NY Winterfest.
​*Best Play Nomination for NY Winterfest!


*Art & Logo by Julia Koprevich

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Original Cast

Performed at the Hudson Guild Theatre at NY Winterfest


Amanda "Mandy" Carter: Kiana Kabeary

Mitchell "Mitch" Nelson: Alex Robertson

David "Dave" Miller: Javier' Talor Fox

Faith Murray: Sophie Rose Maxwell

Wesley "Wes" Adams: Andrew Harvey

Mr. Peter Duncan: Luke Maxwell

Todd McMahon: Sam Sommer